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Tanya Nesterenko

… a Certified Executive Coach and self-proclaimed language geek who helps Leaders deliver their intended message to spark engagement, innovation and results… because everything happens through conversation!

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A trusting, authentically honest but energizing experience to reframe unique possibilities, find solutions never imagined, and unleash undiscovered potential.


Empowering, useful and a fun learning experience that can be implemented easily with immediate successful results.


Passion, charisma and knowledge that will invite you to be present and inspire you to be curious for more. 

“Communicating is hard.  Not communicating is hard.  Pick your hard.”

– Tanya Nesterenko


My clients say the nicest things.

Tanya combines rare insight, intelligence and compassion with an incredible ability to draw out of you more than you believed was possible. Through difficulties personal and professional, Tanya has shown me how to reframe conditions and experience, and her insight has helped me navigate my own overly complicated brain. Her empathy and unswerving belief have enabled me to see and reach farther than I could. I will forever be profoundly grateful for the effort she puts into her coaching. She has taught me how to be a better, more authentic version of myself.

Toby Tremayne

C.T.O. and Neurodiverse Leader

Tanya is an excellent coach!  Not only did we work through the objectives I had for our sessions but she also helped me develop a framework to use on my own as new challenges arise.  I can honestly say that I am better off both personally and professionally as a result of our coaching sessions.  I highly recommend Tanya to anyone considering life coaching.

Melissa M.

Real Matters

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