5 Reasons to Integrate Conversational Intelligence in Your Development

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So why integrate Conversational Intelligence ® (C-IQ) as a part of your personal and professional leadership development?  So often we know WHAT we want to communicate.  However, there is an art & science to be developed and practiced as to HOW we communicate… because everything happens through conversation.

Here are 5 reasons to invest in your Conversational Intelligence ® (C-IQ) as part of your personal and professional leadership development:

    1. Having healthy, influential and impactful conversations is a skill to be developed like any other skill.
      Everyone moves their bodies.  Some of us simply do it more easily. They are called athletes.  Athletes have however, invested hour of practice to move their bodies with ease and agility, even amateur athletes. We all talk and some of us are naturally better conversationalists than others.  Regardless, how many of us have invested in developing our Conversational Intelligence ® in order to have healthy, impactful and influential conversations that connect and build trust as part of our personal and professional leadership development?… especially since everything happens through conversation.
    2. Our education system doesn’t necessarily directly teach us how to have healthy, influential and impactful conversations.

      In literature class, we learn how to write and argue in an essay.  Debate class taught us to argue and “crush our opponent”.  Public speaking taught us how to influence by presenting information, in a one-way exchange of information. If we are directly taught math and geography, why do we not learn explicitly the skills to have health, innovative, and influential conversations that connect and build trust?… especially since everything happens through conversation.
    3. Your language and conversational skills are an asset to be developed and leveraged.

      Regardless of what leadership model you use, you communicate your leadership every day.  You do it through having conversations with your current conversational abilities.  Are they “good enough” or could your conversational skills be more impactful & influential?  This is your opportunity to develop and strengthen your conversational intelligence® and to build on your current communication skills… because everything happens through conversation.
    4. Conversations can nurture trusting relationships which builds & grows people, projects, organizations.

      As humans, we are wired to be connected with others.  Regardless if you are saying hello, developing a project, solving a problem, communicating change or selling, the moment you interact with another person or people you are now entering into a conversation.  Each and every conversation is an opportunity to build and strengthen trust with your presence and your conversational intelligence ®.  The stronger you are skilled at the art of conversation, the more influential, impactful and trustworthy you will be… because everything happens through conversation.
    5. Your language & conversation skills are part of the “inclusion revolution solution.”

      Diversity can be leveraged and celebrated once we have truly included others.  Our conversations and the use of inclusionary “we-centric” language is a way to include and leverage diversity as part of any innovative strategy… because everything happens through conversation.

Be Your Message

Make Every Conversation Count

Because Everything Happens Through Conversation.

I am going to say it again.

Everything happens through Conversation!

Your strategic plan, team project or family vacation is only as good as your ability to discuss it include others, develop ideas together, then communicate and share it in order to inspire all who are involved to engage, contribute and make it happen.

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